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is a new and innovative system of its kind that enables the purchase of a wide range of merchandise in small quantities directly from the factories without having to handle aspects such as shipping and customs release.

@ All prices include taxes, customs and shipping to your door.

 The specified delivery time is the delivery time door to door.

@ Our system has an advanced precise search engine that finds a specified product in seconds, providing it exists in the system.

This allows one to view a large amount of products in a short time.

(For the customer's convenience, items can be viewed on 4 different screen display sizes:  small, medium, large and full.)

 @ On the Order page, there is a payment table for your order that includes a specified payment schedule with relevant explanations. 

The table includes details relevant to orders being shipped to various areas and countries.

 The Payment Details column specifies the payment schedule of every product ordered.

One can click on the Show Payments button to view a separate table that summarizes all the payment schedules of the order.  Every line in this table has a Summary button that shows the amount due for a specific date (the collective sum due from all the items in the order).

All payments already made for a specific order can be viewed from the Login of the customer's account.

It goes without saying that the delivery time for every carton is constantly updated as applicable.

@ The system stores the history of all prior purchases and their payments for the customer's convenience.

Our system is universal.  By changing the Location to a new country, the prices will automatically be updated to include the price of shipping to the requested destination, in the appropriate currency.

In addition to the features specified above, the system has additional innovative features that will make your online shopping easier.

@ Payments are to be made on the dates specified, in cash or wire transfer by an agent that will contact you.

@ It is possible to order items that are not currently on our website.

  If you desire to see other products, Contact Us  and our customer service representatives will be happy to help you.