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Trade Agreement

1.  Before processing an order, Glocal Online, Ltd. will inform the customer of all the conditions of the order, such that if there

     exists in the   order products that will not be available, or their prices and/or delivery time have changed due to any of various

     reasons, the company will notify the client before payment is requested.

2.  The down payment is to be paid only after a final confirmation has been received from the client.  

3.  Before receiving a down payment, Glocal Online, Ltd. has no responsibility to the customer. 

4.  After receiving a down payment, if Glocal Online, Ltd. cannot supply a particular product, the company is only responsible for

     refunding the customer's money, and not any other compensation.

5.  Warranty on the quality of products:

         Glocal Online, Ltd. is responsible for ensuring the products meet all standards of certification and are in usable condition.


                    If a product cannot enter the country of destination due to the fact that it does not meet the certifications of that country,

                    the loss is the loss of Glocal Online, Ltd.  The customer will be refunded the cost of the product and not any other compensation.

                    Proper Usage:

                    A.  The warranty of Glocal Online, Ltd. is until the customer's receipt of the goods and not on complaints that will arise

                          afterward (such as products being returned by customers).

                    B.  The warranty is only on 95% of the value of the order.  Meaning, if the order is worth $100.00, the company will

                         refund up to $95.00 to the customer.

6.  The goods will be delivered to the customer only if the area of delivery is serviced by standard delivery companies.  Deliveries will

     not be made to areas which delivery companies hesitate to service.

10.  In the event of external factors, such as war or strikes at ports, Glocal Online, Ltd. is not responsible for the delivery time of the goods.

11.  The delivery time specified on the website is correct, yet in the event that there is a delay of 15 days, this is not considered a breach

       of the agreement.


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